At anchor off Boy Scout Island on Indian River near Cocoa, Florida

Just hanging with friends

Sunday, October 12, 2014.  On the hook at Boy Scout Island in the Indian River near Cocoa, Florida with friends from the East Coast Sailing Association (which we know as the East Coast gather to eat something and sometimes sail club – no matter the weather or the state of your boat, if you can get there by boat or car, an ECSA “cruise” is always a good time and guaranteed to involve a pot luck).  This photo of the queen at sunrise by Captn Chip.   We run down the river back to Melbourne with Natasha and Groover (“Borris”) on the beam (when they weren’t behind us) and learned they draw less than we do as we ran aground under full sail and they buzzed by us.  Stopped at Grills at the Pineda Causeway for some fish tacos and good company.  Another fine weekend of sailing.